Email Deliverability

DMARC (Domain-based Email Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is a medium that uses the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to assess the authenticity of an email message.

Authenticate & enhance email deliverability

This authenticates the identity of the recipient using public key (asymmetric) cryptography ,RSA digital signatures. SPF allows only legitimate emails to the receiver's address which eliminates the chance of spam, virus, and phishing scheme emails.
DMARC allows the email ecosystem to develop a consistent strategy of dealing with emails that are not authenticated

Why is DMARC important?

With the ascent of the social web and the universality of internet business, spammers and phishers have an enormous monetary motivating force to bargain client accounts, empowering robbery of passwords, financial balances, Visas, and then some. Email is anything but difficult to parody and lawbreakers have discovered mocking to be a demonstrated method to misuse client trust of notable brands. Just embeddings the logo of a notable brand into an email gives it moment authenticity with numerous clients.

Clients can't tell a genuine message from a phony one, and huge letter drop suppliers need to make troublesome (and habitually off base) decisions about which messages to convey and which ones may hurt clients. Senders remain to a great extent ignorant of issues with their verification rehearses in light of the fact that there's no adaptable route for them to show they need criticism and where it ought to be sent. Those endeavoring new SPF and DKIM sending continue gradually and circumspectly on the grounds that the absence of criticism additionally implies they have nothing but bad approach to screen advance and troubleshoot issues.

What is DMARC, and how does it combat phishing?

DMARC is a way to make it easier for email senders and receivers to determine whether or not a given message is legitimately from the sender, and what to do if it isn’t. This makes it easier to identify spam and phishing messages, and keep them out of peoples’ inboxes.

DMARC is a proposed standard that allows email senders and receivers to cooperate in sharing information about the email they send to each other. This information helps senders improve the mail authentication infrastructure so that all their mail can be authenticated. It also gives the legitimate owner of an Internet domain a way to request that illegitimate messages – spoofed spam, phishing – be put directly in the spam folder or rejected outright.

What Is a DKIM DNS TXT Record?

A DKIM record is a specific type of TXT record integrated into your domain’s DNS settings. Embedded with a public cryptographic key, this digital fingerprint assists receiving email servers in decoding the DKIM signature of an incoming email. The email’s DKIM signature, initially encrypted with the sender’s private key, verifies the email’s authenticity and ensures it has remained unchanged during transmission, once successfully decoded.

How Does DKIM DNS TXT Record Function?

What is SPF?

Our Done-For-You Email Deliverability Issue

A proper setup to fix all email delivery problems and Stop emails going Spam. Setup SPF, DKIM, DMARC
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API Integration Tools

There are several types of APIs being used in the IT sector but most importantly following three types of APIs are used.

The Three Types of API Integration

There are several types of APIs being used in the IT sector but most importantly following three types of APIs are used.

Open or public API

Open APIs are available for developers or anyone who want to use them in integrations. These APIs generally come with minimal restrictions.

Private API’s

Private APIs are made for private use only. These APIs could be sharing confidential information from one platform to another.

Composite API’s

Composite APIs are used where multiple data sources are needed to be connected. This is complex but fruitful at the same time.

Our API Integration Services

Internet Pages SMC Pvt. Ltd. provides robust API integration services that are needed for the enhancement of your IT. Integrate with just anything with our custom API Integration services.


For connecting two different formats and programming languages, XML is Used. Our XML Integration System allows centralized inventory management and Distribution channel increase that is quick, robust, and secure.


REST being a set of complex programming architecture, needs enough care while integration in order to work efficiently. We, being a decade-old Company, have acquired the ability to provide Any Kind of API Integration service Including REST.

API Testing

We provide Succinct API testing to ensure that the deployed results are always up to date and glitch-free. We precisely define rules where Integration should be run. Our API Testing methodology makes the final solution more reliable and effective.

Custom API Integration

We provide any kind of custom API Development and integration of utmost quality. Custom API Integration service let two software talk to each other in a language they understand. Any Custom API Integration, be it Payment gateway, SMS , Travel API, Shopping API,and so on is provided professionally.

Third-Party integration

Third-Party API integration service utilized the power of two different software with enhanced experience. Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Provides all kinds of third-party Integration is mainly done for business websites and web applications to streamline the entire process.


Our expertise includes SOAP Solution to automate the data transfer completely. We provide SOAP ServiceS to structure the DATA of web applications, AND Web services. Get professional SOAP web services for more comprehensive API systems that require Consistency and Durability.

frequently asked questions

What is the Cost of the API Integration?

The Cost of the API integration depends on the time, effort and the resource needed to do the Integration.

How much time it takes for API Integration?

Time taken in API integration is based on the level of complexity and the work assigned.  However, we do while saving our client’s pocket.

What is the difference between API and Integration?

API Is the entire base on what the integration is based. API is responsible for Data Transfer. Integration is just integrating the API into something.

Do you provide all kinds of API Integration Services?

We usually don’t stick our talent with some capabilities only. WE continuously increase that. As of now, we cover all API integration type of service. Contact us to discuss more.

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